Starfire Healing


This Master Healer has balanced yin/yang energy while bringing good grounding to you. It keeps away negativity and brings comfort to sadness or grief. It provides stable grounding to the Root Chakra while allowing energies to flow harmoniously and freely through the upper chakras.

It works with you to help you to open to overall abundance and prosperity. It also helps you to be able to receive what you desire.

The good you do comes back to you  more quickly when you work with smoky quartz. It greatly helps with letting go. It assists you to let go of the past and what no longer fits into your life. It brings flexibility during transformation. It helps let go of fear of change or fear of loss.

It detoxes your entire being and clears away any negativity. It fills your entire being with positive calming, comforting energy and brings peace.

It has great beauty as a crystal for your altar or as a necklace of smoky quartz chips that touch your skin. It shines forth the dark and light in powerful balance!