Starfire Healing

YOUR GIFT TO THE WORLD   12-1-2014 through 12-5-2014

Each of us carries a piece of the puzzle related to the miracle of Life here on Earth. This is a vital key to raising the consciousness in the Oneness. All of us at this sacred event will be greatly gifted by each one who is here.

This event is endorsed by the Angelic Hierarchy and the Ascended Masters as they heal, cleanse and transform each of our energies--and the vibrations of the group as a whole. No matter where each of us is today on our spiritual path, this will powerfully ignite our entire body-mind-spirit into the most positive growth: Love, Light, vitality, wellbeing, gratitude and grace. I am very blessed because so many Archangels and Ascended Masters have been assisting me for as long as I can remember. My life is magical and filled with the synchronicities of miracles.

Among other positive miracles you will receive here, you will benefit from lifting off hidden saboteurs so you can really live "your" life--you will remove layers of thoughts and ideas which do not belong to you--you will be present at the level of your core-self--you will receive vital esoteric wisdom and teachings-- you will download higher configurations of energy so you can reveal your essence self--you will receive your own personal empowerments from Enlightened Spiritual Masters and Emissaries of Light.

FEE:$700.00 which is $20 per hour for 35 hours of mega spiritual growth   DATES:  12/1 through 12-5 2014 LOCATION: Santa Fe, New Mexico   ENROLL: on this site, use Donate Button for $700.00 fee--e-mail me and tell me you enrolled--include your SKYPE ID, cellphone number--then we can talk on SKYPE Video or Phone or on Google Hangouts.  We are all blessed by your presence at this event!!

Namaste and Divine Love through my heart to  yours!!  Sandra "Devi" Wood




7 hours on 11/22 then 4 hours on 11/23 , we will be together here in Santa Fe, New Mexico in a sacred space of healing vortexes  to transform you and the Earth--filling us all with infinite Light and Love. You will receive the transformative energies to be in universal service to all.

You will release unconscious blockages from the past, then you are enlivened with vitality, love, and light as you truly, fully and completely, come into the present moment--and learn how to remain here.

As a group we will be light and love for all and for each,  so each beloved soul here will be empowered with their mission--and with the knowledge and wisdom to do it now. We will be infinite and love to all beings on the planet--and to the chakras of our great Mother Earth.

You will be (come) a great carrier of Infinite Light and Endless Love.

FEE: $220.00 which is $20 per hour of 11 hours of Infinite Light and Love. DATES: 11/22 and 11/23 2014 LOCATION: Santa Fe, New Mexico  ENROLL: On this site, use Donate button for $220 fee--e-mail me and tell me you enrolled--include your SKYPE ID--cell phone number--then we can talk on SKYPE video or phone or on Google Hangouts. All are blessed by your presence here!!

Namaste and Divine Light and Love through my heart to yours, beloved souls!!  Sandra "Devi" Wood