Starfire Healing

Radiant Shimmering Rose Quartz

A dazzling Master Healer for our times. Who wouldn't be uplifted by the high vibrations of self-love which connect us to the goodness of the center of our heart.

It helps us to choose in a particular instance whether we are primarily serving the good of an individual and/or the universal good. It aligns our heart with our healing heart and promotes all kinds of healing and spiritual growth within and without.

Rose Quartz will move you up into higher spiritual vibrations where unconditional Love and joy and laughter can be experienced and shared as the Great Healer that it is!!

Put a huge raw crystal in the living room or family room to help your family or guests move from heart shadows of imbalance like "tolerance" into the harmonious vibrations of acceptance and compassion and the unity of the one family that we are.

As you form a relationship with the Spirit of Rose Quartz, it will guide you when to take a piece with you (like to work) and whether to place it on a part of your body or to hold it in your hand, or just have it near you.

The Earth and all souls can greatly benefit from your relationship with Rose Quartz which will amplify all types of healing and unconditional love. In your clarity and its highest vibrations, it is a tremendous co-creator of miracles!!