Starfire Healing


ABOUT Sandra Devi  (Wood)

I am an emissary of Spirit. I channel Divine Light and Radiant Love. I bring positive vibrations into people's lives. I am blessed with an innate capacity of seeing what is authentic and natural in people. I always hold the highest vision of a person. I am a bridge from Spirit to you. I help you recognize the higher purpose in yourself by identifying the basis of your suffering. I help you become able to receive Spirit to heal yourself.

I have been psychic all my life, but here is where it gets very interesting!!  Read on---

In the eighties on the night of a full moon, I look outside my bay window when I hear a noise in the yard. There, not four feet from me, sits a black jaguar who is communicating in a deep growling. I remain frozen, and look into the yellow peircing eyes while the hair on my arms is standing straight up. The jaguar remains for what seems like hours, but it is just a few minutes. Then, it calmly turns and walks away into nothingness it just disappears.

The spiritual world really opens for me a few weeks later when I begin receiving wisdom and teachings from many spiritual Elders. I will be eternally grateful for all their help over the many years.

Soon I travel to Peru. When I land in Cusco I immediately go to the Temple of Coriconcha. A guide offers to show me around and I say, "I know where everything is." I go to the main altar and work with the energies there and I can see how it used to look when I was here many hundreds of years ago. It is almost dark as I begin walking down a long hall toward someone who is standing there. As I approach the tall man in Peruvian clothing, he says in English, "How are you doing this lifetime?" I burst into sobs and we hug as if to erase all those years since we had loved each other here so long ago.

The next day I meet an Andean Priest, Juan Victor del Prado. Later he reinitiates me into my 16,000 year old Quetchan tradition of Andean mysticism and healing. After many wonderous spiritual transformations, I become a Fourth Level (currently the highest level) Initiate.

Time passes and I rewalk previous paths of awakening in Vancouver, BC (Haida Gawaii) and in Mexico (Toltec, Aztec, Huichol and Mayan). In the US I master NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. I study innumerable kinds of energy healing, Reiki, color, sound, crystals, chakra healing and many others. I enjoy working in all these great traditions. I am a Self-Help Instructor in Jin Shin Jyutsu.

I work with individuals and groups in the US, Mexico and Canada. I have taught healing classes and have had meditation groups for 30 years. I also take groups to sacred sites to evolve. I have been involved with numerous volunteer groups giving assistance to others when they need it. Then I ask them to pass it on. The good you do comes back to you.

At this time I help by phone or Skype.

Now we have unprecedented opportunities to grow and evolve very quickly. We can learn to allow abundance to create a desired present and future for ourselves, our family and our beloved Earth. Ancient ways of being are returning and we are progressing toward a real longevity of a life of 150-200 plus years of living in health, joy and ecstasy as the one family we are.

I am grateful to each soul I meet because we all learn something from each other that helps us both. We are all students in this life. . Remember that our birthright "Be-attitudes" are peace, love and joy. Take action to find yours.

Watch for my upcoming books. E-mail and we will put you on a notify list as the books are published.  I have done final editing on our first book, Pyramids of Sacred Fire. I am open to receiving  the "right publisher" who will get it out to as many people as possible across the world. Writers and world famous psychics I have seen, all told me "no one has ever written a book like this before, we need to find the publisher who will get it out to as many people as possible because it will help and uplift all who read it."

If you wish I can bring sacred mystery school teachings and energies to you that will assist your evolution and daily life. Remember, if you have a personal or business challenge, it is also an imbalance within one of your bodies.

May all who read this be filled with Divine Light and Love.    


Sandra "Devi" Wood, MS     Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Artist